Investigate the Telegram decision of the Committee

Our Committee’s order to delete Telegram accounts and not to use Telegram is malicious intent. This request came from the hypocrites who are alarmed in the Committee, and Alihan Kuriş had recently kept up with them, did not see any problems. Even if we stopped publishing on Telegram, we have had broadcasts/publications inviting everyone to Telegram for years. Those who hear about us can always access the applications we are currently publishing on Telegram. They are also very concerned that we will always come back to Telegram, and we will re-publish our posts on Telegram.

Even so much emphasis on Telegram and not showing the same sensitivity to our brothers’ use of WhatsApp has made all our sincere brothers and sisters feel bad, and but those who were not aware of the major changes in Alihan Kuriş recently could not resolve the issue.

Yes, Telegram is not a very clean and reliable application, we have also abandoned Telegram, who have been supporting Telegram for so many years, but it is still a very simple application than WhatsApp, the real owner of which is the CIA.

There is a large number of Akademi Magazine followers who continue to use Telegram, as well as a large number of users who send our broadcasts/publications/posts to each other or to their groups within Telegram. Although the publications directly reach few people, as always, it reaches a very large number of people through indirect routes. In addition, we have many brothers and sisters who come to view and benefit from the previous publications on our Telegram channel. Of course, these have reflections in real life, there are those who question, try to understand what is going on. Because of those incidents, hypocrites go through more and more difficult experiences every day. They got stuck well. Our brothers and sisters should not break integrity. Let them not break the contact between them and continue using Telegram for a while if necessary. After that, let them question the sincerity and wisdom in the words and instructions spread from the Committee. Because now the admiral ship has sunk.

There are hodjas who have not been able to receive their gifts(salary) for a long time. Various excuses are given to them, but sincerity should be questioned in this part as well. What being told is completely deceptive. Deliberate and all kinds of games are being made to make sincere hodjas in our community have problems and get rid of them. Decisions are always made the way the hypocrites want. There are huge, very, very large sums of money being embezzled. Alihan Kuriş has also involved in a lot of dirty and criminal works. I will expose them to everyone in a very short time. There will also be trials, arrests and prison sentences. They let alone stand in the committee to do more damage, to betray more, to steal more, to cheat more, will not even also able to go out in public. There will be many who try to escape abroad before being punished. As I always said, time limit are given to everybody and their time are now over. They will not be able to do any more damage to this Cause.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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