It hasn’t caught your attention, I’ll make you pay attention to it…

If you look at the credible sources when confronted with his enemies, They say/report that Hz.Musa(AS) put his right hand in his bosom and touched his heart to his skin… Seconds later, he took his hand out, and then a light emanated from his hand like the sun.

Here, what is called “like the sun” is actually a metaphysical ability. He could emit metaphysical signals from his hands that could slam his enemies, and it was very, very strong. At the same time, these signals were able to multiply demons and alien human species. He could not stand against his enemies.

I have stated before that Hz. Musa(AS) and Hz. I am a son of Sulaimanian, who lived a life like Hazrat Ali(RA). I have similar qualities and abilities, and I haven’t even used them fully until today. However, when I say jinn, aliens, and earthlings, I couldn’t count how many trillions of people I have killed.

If you want, look at the issue from this point of view from now on and let your people kill for nothing. Your metaphysical attacks, spells, and demons are only a waste of time.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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