Funeral ceremony of evolutionary theory …

Monkeys are actually animals that put dynamite at the bottom of the theory of evolution.

About 55-65 million years ago today, very high science and technology developed in our world. This science and technology was not obtained by transfer from other worlds, that is, it was not obtained from aliens.

At that time, the people of the world took flight in genetics as well. Dinosaurs were derived by combining the genetic codes of bird and reptile species. Then when they were in trouble, they were wiped out. Tarsius glis was derived by combining the genetic codes of an owl and a monkey. I wrote earlier that in the process, thousands of new animal species were bred that did not exist in nature. Most of them are also on the list of “unadaptable animals”.

There were monkeys back then, but there weren’t that many ape species. Moreover, the apes of the time were not so much like humans.

They tried so many times that they went to mix the codes of all the animals with each other.

They also took the monkey and looked at which animals they could experiment with by combining the monkey’s codes with their codes. They rampantly inflicted blows on the nature of the world, on the gene codes of living things.

There came a time when they even combined the genetic codes of apes and humans on one level. Moreover, there came a time when they combined the genetic codes of apes with humans from other worlds. As a result, species of apes, extremely similar to humans, emerged.

They once went too far in combining the gene codes of apes and humans, and apes that looked and acted much more human-like. They, like the dinosaurs, afflicted them and wiped out these ape species, which was too humanoid.

By combining the codes of monkeys and other animals, they did not keep every living thing they derived alive. They have already killed those who seem out of tune even at first glance. They did not allow them to mate and reproduce. However, they left all kinds of living things they had created to nature, and as these mated and bred with each other in nature, the species of living things increased even more.

In other words, there was no evolution, humans did not descend from apes, but humanoid apes were derived by genetic engineering by adding human genes.

Black lion monkey

And at the present time, we even named many monkeys correctly, but we could not fully decipher their true story. The monkey species you see in these pictures is called the “Black lion monkey”. At the time in question, this species was bred by combining the genes of ape and lion. There is no intermediate form in the world, and this genre is not an intermediate form. This species is the product of genetic engineering…

De Brazza monkey

This ape species, called the De Brazza ape, was bred as a result of combining monkey codes with skunk, koala and human genetic codes.

Red howler monkey

This monkey species, which is mostly seen in the Western Amazon Basin in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, and called “Red howler” or “Red howler monkey”, is also the product of genetic engineering.

It was derived by combining the codes of the monkey and the lion, but not many codes were taken from the lion.

Mandrill monkey

It was derived as a result of mixing the monkey codes with the codes of various tropical animal species, especially the mandarin duck, parrot and wolf.

In nature, there are tens of thousands of genetically modified animal species. In this way, it is possible to make tens of thousands of shares one after the other. But there is no need. In fact, with these articles, I primarily address relevant people around the world and it is enough to tell them this much. If they are truly honest scientists, honest administrators and educators, then it’s their job…

There was a great age of science and technology in the past, even higher than today, that this is the truth we ignore, that questions cannot be answered when we do not accept this, that the theory of evolution is a deception or even an imposition of Satanists, who are hostile to religion and humanity in the world, that this theory has no scientific basis. they must declare that it has no basis and all relevant facts.

They have as much science and technology as solving their secrets by looking at the living things in nature with this eye. It’s their job to do this.

By playing and combining the genetic codes of camels, horses and goats, they created the animal species we call llama.


The species we call kangaroo did not exist in nature.

The genetic codes of the rabbit, gazelle and meerkat were later derived by combining them.

They went so far as to detune that, because of genetic engineering, they produced transparent species of many animal species.

Transparent species never existed in nature. All of them derived later. Today, a way to make living things transparent has been found, its experiments have been successful, and some scientific publications have been made on this subject.

At that time they went even further, making the male of the seahorse, a later derived animal species, conceived. They wanted to get the male pregnant in a very high number of animal species, but they were unsuccessful. In the trials, the test animals always died.

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