There were metaphysical wars in ancient Egypt

Metaphysical conflicts and even great metaphysical wars were very frequent in ancient Egypt.

At that time, alien-human species could come to our world without hiding and operating. The Egyptians did not find it strange that alien-human species lived among themselves without harming themselves, even took part in the administrative staff from time to time, and sometimes even the Pharaohs were alien species. I had told you before that some very famous Pharaohs were not people of our world. Asaf, the vizier of Sulaiman (AS), was not the person of our world.

As I always say, the technology of our world was very advanced at that time, and there was no need for technology transfer from space. The people of our planet also used to travel to and from other worlds-planets, or they would go and stay. As a result of this traffic between the worlds, many hybrid species were formed in various parts of space, as well as Negroes, Japanese and Chinese.

There would inevitably be wars between worlds, just as there were wars between states-leaders in our world. Conflicts between worlds would often be with metaphysical techniques, as they are now. The Egyptians also wore various high-tech helmets on their heads to be protected from such attacks, and these were depicted on the walls of historical monuments in Egypt.

Today, all alien-human species use all kinds of helmets to protect themselves from metaphysical attacks or to strengthen their metaphysical signals. Still, metaphysicians in the secret services of some states of our world use similar helmets. In other words, our world has already reached some of the high technology depicted in Egypt thousands of years ago. It should also be known that helmets and other tools-devices are used in metaphysical conflicts. These are already included in the Egyptian drawings in question. After these explanations, the people I keep calling the think tank in the world will look at the issue from this perspective and immediately solve hundreds of things that they have not been able to solve until today.

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