Gather up, and I’ll tell you the Jupiter facts too!

 You all gather up, and I’ll also tell you the Jupiter facts. Jupiter is not a gas giant…

Thinking that you know what NASA and similar space organizations are telling about Jupiter, I get right to the point.

What is seen in these pictures is shown to us as Jupiter is nothing but the outermost layer of a protective shield made to protect Jupiter from attacks.

The shield consists of three layers, and there are regular space gaps between the layers. The outermost layer is energetically charged and contains dust and gases. Jupiter is much smaller than this shield and stays inside at the center.

This system can be compared to the layers of our Earth. Just as the Earth’s outermost layer/shell and its inner core at the center are standing, Jupiter in this shield looks tiny, just like it. Even in this state, the planet Jupiter is a much larger planet than our Earth.

The weakest parts of Jupiter’s shield are located in the polar regions, and there have been those who attacked Jupiter by infiltrating through these parts before.

Jupiter’s vegetation is not green like ours but pale yellow. Despite this, many plant species on Jupiter are in shades of light brown apart from shades of yellow.

Its waters are not transparent/colorless like ours. It looks dirty/pale white when placed in a glass. It is like the color of the glass when water is given too much chlorine for us. The fact that the water is like this is also related to its atmosphere. The waters in Jupiter’s seas and oceans also do not appear blue but somewhat grayish. This is due to the structure/chemistry of the water, its atmosphere, and the protection shields slightly refract the sunlight. Also, Jupiter has no tide/tide, and its oceans are incomparably much, much deeper than ours.

The sky on Jupiter likewise appears in shades of light gray rather than shades of blue. There are also mountains, hills, plains, and deserts… It also rains and snows, and there are also storms.

People are so savage.

Their average height is two and a half times our average height. Their average height is two and a half times our average height. They have relatively thin bodies, but their hands, feet, and heads are disproportionately large compared to our bodies. Their shape is slightly different.

Their skin is off-white… Their skin, similar to the skin of hairless cats, is not scaly/textured. There are light gray color fluctuations in places on their white skin. They resemble some types of marble in our world.
They don’t have hair; they have very weak eyebrows, beards, and mustaches are not available in all; rare breeds do. In general, they have no hair on their body. They don’t have auricles, but they do have ear holes. Their eyes are always black, with no pupils of any other color. Their heads and faces are enormous, as are their hands and feet. His facial features look brutal. It looks rough. It resembles the coarse facial features of greens.

There are only a few billion people on the whole planet. There are very few Muslims among them, and nowadays, they do not know the religion of Islam correctly; they do not live it, and a period of ignorance prevails.

If we look at the year of our world, they live an average of seven hundred years. Already in our world, for the first time, an average of seven hundred years was lived. Then, when the age of science and technology was reached, the genetics of both animals and humans were manipulated, and lifespans increased to thousands of years. I have explained these parts before. Science and technology were deliberately destroyed in the time of Solomon so that our world would not be one of the self-destructing worlds with the insane science and technology it reached. Before it was destroyed, genetics was again tampered with, and lifespans were adjusted to what they are now.

Jupiterians have always been aggressive throughout history. Once upon a time, their technology was very high, and they went to other planets and attacked; they made constant massacres. They also built the energy shield protecting Jupiter with their own technology to protect themselves from counter-attacks.

They could pass through this shield themselves. They hurt a lot, and after a while, a Muslim species among the human species in space, using their high technology, easily bypassed the Jupiters’ shields, entered Jupiter, and almost passed over the Jupiterians. Their lineage was about to be destroyed, so few were left. In the meantime, they lost the people in the think tank. They suddenly fell behind in science and technology and couldn’t get out of the shield they made.

The wild Jupiters have experienced this state several times throughout their history. Someone from our world did this once to the savage Jupiters in their history. Hazrat Zulkarneyn, also known as Oghuz Khan in the past and who was a Turk and was the ruler of a single state that ruled the whole world, crushed the dehumanized Jupiterians and cursed them on top of that. (More about 7 thousand 5 hundred years ago than today)

Although unconfirmed, there is a claim/belief that the blood/genes of the Greens and Grays, which we also know as Gog and Magog, are mixed with the genes of the Jupiterians. Once the Jupiterians went to many planets, they established sexual relations, causing hybrid species to form. I have been claiming for years that the Chinese, who are famous for their brutality in our world, are an alien/earth hybrid species and that the genes of the Greens and Grays have been mixed in their genes.

Jupiterians do not dress; they do not cover, even though their bodies need to be covered. They are immoral, irreligious… Only a tiny number of Muslims wear them. In our world, they look like tribes that live like animals in jungles.

The Jupiterians describe themselves as the deities, the creators of countless different human species throughout space. They’ve gone astray and gone astray. They believe all other human species carry their blood/genes and give them life. At this time, they have no contact or exchange with any human species in space. In technology, however, they seem to be about a few centuries ahead of us.

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