They will not be able to go out in public, and those who die will be cursed

Those in NASA will not be able to go out in public, and those who died will be cursed behind their backs.

Do you know why the instruction “Mercury will never be observed with the Hubble Space Telescope” was given?

The rays emanating from Mercury, which has no atmosphere and extraordinary temperature, would damage the lenses and systems of the Hubble Space Telescope.

This is a big lie… Mercury has an atmosphere. It has an atmosphere of sufficient level and sufficient features. This is an atmosphere that makes it so close to the sun that it is not a problem… Mercury has life on earth, settlements, cities, buildings, seas, and oceans.

There are also huge cities built underground. As I always say, there are artificial sun rays, artificial heating, artificial lighting, artificial humidification, artificial wind in such underground cities/bases. In fact, there are artificial lakes, large water resources in those cities, and agriculture is also done.

I have always told you that there are similar situations in giant alien bases or cities in our world, and recently these have been scripts for some movies. Those who live there think that they live on earth. Living in cities underground on Mercury is more comfortable than living above it.

Facilities on earth are mostly built for work/study purposes. Mercury people live in underground cities and come to earth to work.
Air pollution is dominant on earth, the climate is arid, the trees are few, the vegetation is mostly in the form of shrubs and in shades of yellow… Mercury is a place of exile and Mercury’s history is very staggering.

Also, the claim that Mercury has a huge core layer inside is not true. Yes, its core is relatively large to our world’s system, but not as big as it is exaggerated. By spreading this lie, they make Mercury to be accepted as a lifeless planet in minds.

There isn’t much animal diversity on Earth on Mercury. There are mostly reptiles. In underground cities, there are cats, dogs, horses, and many kinds of animals. They even raise fish. They stole most of the animal species from our world. It is even possible to find Trout in our world there.

Mercury people experienced a disaster similar to Noah’s flood in the past and they disappeared. After a while, life started there again.

When the Mercury people became irreligious, immoral, cruel, and miserable, they were destroyed like the people of Pompeii, like the people of Noah. Allah mediated this destruction with the Greens and Grays (Gog and Magog). Gog and Magog, who destroyed the ferocious Mercurys on Mercury, settled on Mercury.

Hazrat Dhu’l Qarnayn, also known as Oğuz Kağan, struck and crushed Gog and Magog, who settled on Mercury and had very high technology, with higher technology. During the conflicts that broke out during this time, the planet Mercury was also hit hard.

Later, during the reign of Hazrat Suleiman, a hybrid species causing trouble in and around our world was exiled to Mercury. The current Mercurys are such an exiled species.

Hazrat Sulaiman did not challenge this troublesome hybrid human species. While sending them to Mercury, he said, “Take whatever you want from here. Settle in there, don’t make trouble here.” said.
As I always say…  In the time of Hazrat Sulaiman AS, science and technology in our world had reached the highest possible level, and this did not happen by transfer from another world. It was then that this troublesome hybrid breed took with them everything they would ever need. They started to rebuild it.

They went to as many planets as they could with their UFO, stole something from them all, and brought it to Mercury. They still steal from various planets whatever they need.

Concerned that our world will not be among the worlds that self-destruct due to very advanced science and technology, During the reign of   Hazrat Sulaiman, science and technology were destroyed by state power, but it was not so with Mercury. There is still very high science and technology in them at the moment. They continue to steal our sinkholes, mineral waters, and potable waters.

The Mercurys, who show no mercy to the people of other planets and behave very brutally lack humanity, and Islam, are also extremely cruel to each other. There, too, a wealthy and powerful but outnumbered mass dominates the rest.

Let’s come back to the Hubble Space Telescope…

“After being placed into orbit in 1990, scientists found that the main mirror was misplaced in a way that limited the telescope’s work. This issue was fixed on a space shuttle voyage in 1993. ‘ but don’t believe it. It worked perfectly as it sat in Hubble orbit. It took very clear images from all over, and those at NASA were shocked aftershock.

They saw that there is life everywhere, even in our solar system, that there are different types of people, and that most of them live at a science and technology level that is more advanced than us.

The Ankebut Cult, which is essentially anti-human, essentially Satanist, and ruled by Iblis at the top, did not allow NASA under its control (even their logos have Satanist meanings) to announce the information and images they obtained to the world of humanity. They played this trick for three years. They are still playing their tricks and keeping the humanity of the world asleep.

On the other hand, when they saw the various planets very clearly, they admired the construction techniques and high-tech vehicles there. By brainstorming with them, they developed techniques and technologies for our world.

There are so many topics to be written and told about this Mercury issue alone. I’ll tell you when the time comes. We’re going too fast, and even that much is too heavy for many, and even that much forces the balance bars of the world to move.

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