Diana is a victim?

Let’s do brainstorm once again…

Princess Diana of the British Royal family was living the beloved life with Dodi al-Fayed, who is said to be a Muslim Arab. There was talk of getting married, and one night, the car they were in entered a tunnel and crashed (!). Diana and Dodi died in the accident. It was alleged that the driver was drunk, all the blame was laid on him. Diana’s bodyguard vanished into thin air. The so-called accident was covered by state power. Almost everyone in the world who hears about the issue believes that it was not an accident.

The official story is in sight, but the questions are:

Did Diana realize that the royals weren’t real people, they were replaced? Did she see/understand that her husband was a replaced by a bionic robot, that he occasionally malfunctioned?

Even if she couldn’t figure out that much, did he learn about the Satanist rituals of the royal members, human sacrifices to the Devil in these rituals, hunting parties by chasing little children left in the forest with horses and shooting them with guns, and similar perversions and she didn’t aknowledge?

Was it not accepted by the royal family, who were fierce enemies of Islam and humanity, that he would continue on his way with Dodi, who is known as a Muslim, and therefore she fell victim for a murder seemingly accident?

Has Diana, who was called “the kindest member of the royal family” and “the only kind-hearted member of the royal family”, always been ostracized because she did not fall so low as to dehumanize, become the enemy of all humanity, and worship Satan, as requested?

Or was Diana also a replaced, and in the shape of her a bionic robot produced ,a human alien species inside a bionic robot?

If not, what really happened? Who is Diana really and when and where did the real Diana die or did she die?

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