Many of the sorcerers and mediums who clashed with us and died…

There wasn’t much crowd on the metaphysical front until an hour before the morning. During this time, we metaphysically struck more than 470 mediums and more than 80 of them died. Among those who were struck, there are those who will die within hours.

Apart from these, we have struck more than 350 mediums in the last hour and 92 of them died.

(The figures are very approximate, some cannot be determined. It is certain that the death toll will rise further in the coming hours.)

Most of the sorcerers and mediums who died in the conflict with us seem to have died for various apparent reasons.

Psychics continue to carry out brain-to-brain attacks while continuing to work for a living, using hand tools, driving in traffic, eating, and performing their daily activities. At those moments, when they receive a lethal counter-metaphysical blow, they die looking as if they had had a traffic accident, as if they had an accident with the tool in their hand/in front of them, or as if something was stuck in their throat while eating.

Some of them die in their seats as if they had a heart attack or brain hemorrhage. Some of them experience unbearable pain when they begin to receive lethal metaphysical blows, lose control, fall in the bathroom or toilet, and hit their heads. Some of them fall while on high floors, terraces or balconies.

If we kill a sorcerer anywhere in the world, at home or at work, the Jinns usually don’t leave them there. They burn whatever they use for magic in front of them and around them, and they also start fires around them. These people are made to look as if they died in a fire or as if they suffocated from smoke.

In the autopsies of some of those who collapsed and died for no apparent reason, it is diagnosed that they died by electrocution by looking at the contractions in their bodies, their veins and nervous systems.

The bodies of many dead mediums and sorcerers are being destroyed by their other medium friends who were injured but did not die in the conflicts and were with them, or their employers/organizations they worked for.

A very common thing is that the dead mediums and sorcerers are also members of various corrupt religions/sects, and there are friends of religion/organizations, rabbi friends, priest friends, Buddhist friends around them who interfere with them after their death. These people make arrangements to make the deaths appear to be a heart attack or a reasonable death.

There is also the fact that those who have recently entered into a metaphysical war with us and caused many deaths are mostly Grays, Greens and some other enemy alien species… They are involved in the attacks unseen by the world’s people while in secret places or spacecrafts, and they have no problem hiding their deaths.

Well, is it possible to verify the numbers of dead and injured people that we frequently write about?

Of course it is possible… Those who have contact with the Jinn realm and those who have some advanced metaphysical abilities can find out whether this information is true or not, even from where they sit.

We have been writing articles like this for two years, but not once has anyone been able to deny us and never can. Because we only write the truth. We act cautiously and write less, but not too much. Even now, we have no doubt that the death toll is much higher than the numbers we have given.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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