Expected disasters may be closer than tomorrow – Dream Interpretation

“Assalamu alaikum sir,
the disasters you expect in Turkey and the world may be closer than tomorrow.

I would like to tell you about the dream I had today. In my dream I was in my hometown. In the evening, my friend and I were walking around the street in front of our house. Suddenly lightning and storms began to break out. I felt like there were some abnormal events. We ran home immediately and had difficulty getting in. The electricity was out and no electronic devices were working. I was in the kitchen, peeling onions for dinner. When the onion fell from my hand, it fell at a normal speed, while the inside of the onion was floating down to the ground as if on the moon. It was as if the earth’s gravity had been disrupted. I immediately went to show and warn my brother who was sleeping inside. He was awake and confused, looking at the clock on the wall and on its wrist. Before I could say anything, he told me that the clocks were running backwards. “I immediately looked out the back window, where the sun was setting, and I saw the sun rising.”

“At that time, a friend of mine who I knew he is an atheist was next to the window, looking at me with a frightened and confused expression. And I said that the sun is rising from the west for the second time. At that moment, the sun rose and a volcano erupted. The houses among the green trees turned black among the dry lands, and there was also a mosque among them. I thought escape was impossible. I ran to the front window and looked out. It was raining, but not in a rain-like way. You wrote that something like this would happen and I wanted to tell you that it happened. I left the room without taking my phone, a few drops of rain were entering the room where I was staying. I thought that how this was possible because everywhere was closed. Then I went to the living room with my mother. Despite all the disasters, our house was intact and the usual balcony view was intact. I relaxed with the breeze blowing through the balcony door. My mother was sitting confidently and looking at me. “Then I woke up from my dream.”


📡 Events that will surprise and shock everyone (such as disasters, excessive rainfall, earthquakes, storms, tsunami, drought, famine) will occur. The dreamer will also lose his relatives or loved ones. Afterwards, his life, order and mood will change completely.

🔌 Most of the disasters that will occur will be caused by electromagnetic weapons, seismic weapons and strategic weapons produced with very high technology but hidden from humanity… During such attacks, electricity will be cut off in the target areas for a while. Electrical and electronic devices will be damaged. Internet and communication infrastructures will also become unusable for a while.

⏰ When some of the electrical and electronic devices are burned by the electromagnetic attack/impact, people in the target area will feel like they have gone back in time. They will have to live with more primitive techniques/tools, at least for a while.

💣There will be light explosions and enlightenments in the sky due to the impact of the earth’s natural magnetic field with artificial technologies. Volcanoes will erupt in some target areas and scatter across the Earth.

While Muslims can show trust and submission despite all the shocking events, atheists and non-Muslims will be very afraid and psychologically shaken.

🌚 The disruption of the natural magnetic field of the Earth will cause earthquakes and experiencing light explosions in the sky several times, burns will occur in some parts of the earth in some target areas. I think even the green grass will burn and turn black.

🌧 As a result of tampering with the balance of nature, it will be inevitable that there will be a series of changes in many natural systems. As a result, the rain will fall strangely…

I had never written that something like this would happen until today. Now I am writing and the dreamer will read it and remember these sentences that I wrote right here while this dream comes true.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 There will be so many mass deaths and so many people will die in a short time that the survivors will wonder “How did I still survive after all these disasters?” They will be surprised too.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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