Avatar movie isn’t sci-fi either

There is nothing to watch. I froze many times and kept busy with other things, then I forced myself again to watch it… Still, it was not possible, I turned it off.

A film that is prepared immorally, in which femininity and masculinity are brought to the fore, where very unusual cinematic techniques are not used, the script is full of laughable contrasts, and the animations are the products of simple intelligence…

There is an aspect that interests us.

That’s why this Avatar movie isn’t a sci-fi movie..

Shocking but true…

There really is such an alien-human species in 18,000 realms. On a planet inhabited the human species with the animated/illustrated exterior in this Avatar movie. I say “he was alive” because there is no life left on the planet they live on anymore. That planet exists, but no living thing can live on it. Another human species from another planet attacked that planet and destroyed life on it.

However, some of them escaped in the last moments and went to other planets. Some of them also came to our planet.

In real life, they are much taller and bigger than us, as portrayed in the movie. In real life, their skin is in the color portrayed in the movie…

In reality, their body shape is so human-like, their faces so human-like, and so similar to our species’ face shape. In real life, this human species has hair/feathers. They always keep their hair long just like in the movie. (Many other types no hair, no feathers). This species also has tails in real life. Their tails are just as portrayed in the movie… They’re much more “human” than the ones who shot that Avatar movie. They have not lost the virtues that make people human. Both men and women dress very civilly.

Their ears are exactly as they are portrayed in the Avatar movie… They are exactly the same… However, there are also facts that the filmmakers did not mention in the Avatar movie, although they knew. One of the truths they hide is that this human species can live both in water and on land. This species, which breaths on land just like us, can enter the water and stay in the water for hours, days, weeks without any difficulty.

Just as fish have a “gill flap” for gill respiration on the back of their heads, this human species also has a gill flap just behind the auricles. In the movie, the eyes are also animated by staying true to reality. While the periphery of the pupil is white with us, they are really yellow. Also, animation has been made by staying true to reality, up to the tone of the yellow color.

For some reason, they made the nose part by not being true to the truth. They have exaggerated their noses, in reality, they don’t look that wide and shapeless.

The babies of this species are also in this image… The mistake noticed in this animation is in the tail… Their babies are also born with tails, but they have very small tails. Their tails then grow larger. In this species, birth occurs by ovulation. Babies are born inside a solid-walled egg, stay in the egg for a while, then break out themselves. Women are more slender than men, shorter, and have a feminine stance that will be noticed at first glance. Women also have breasts, just like women of our species. Their men also have beards and mustaches, just like the men of our species.

They did not become Muslims, but they are not very harmful, aggressive, or savage either. They did not hesitate to kill the personnel of some states that detected their hiding places in our world and carried out an investigation and even seizure operations. They display violence when they see themselves in danger.

In an officially recorded case, one of them was tried to be captured by throwing a net while it was in the water. About 20 Soviet Union underwater soldiers trapped one of them in the water, threw a net, and became prey just as they thought they had caught it.

The human of this other planet caught in the net killed three of the twenty people who threw the net, broke/cut the net, and escaped.

He killed three Russian soldiers by pulling all three of them very deep at the same time and making them eat the hit.

This other human species, when it came to our world, settled under and around the Issyk lake within the borders of Kyrgyzstan.

Lake Issyk Kul is a lake located in the north-east of Kyrgyzstan, in a region close to the border with Kazakhstan, in the tectonic trough between the Küngöy Ala mountains in the north and the Teskey Ala mountains in the south, at an altitude of 1606 m above the mean sea level. It is the second-largest mountain lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in South America.

Despite being surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake’s waters never freeze; Therefore, the name of the lake is “Isık Köl”(the Isık Lake) in Kyrgyz Turkish, which means “heat or hot, warm lake”. The Kyrgyz Turks called this lake the “bermet (pearl) of Kyrgyzstan”.

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