This movie is actually about Gog and Magog: War of the worlds

This movie is concerning Gog and Magog.

I became aware of the existence of the movie yesterday and watched it yesterday. I often come back 10-20 years because I am far from popular culture and have not had enough time to watch movies.

 The ordinary audience will not understand, but in this movie called War of the Worlds, the producers gave religious messages. I don’t know if the claim is true, this movie is said to be one of the most successful science fiction films of all time. That being said, the movie isn’t actually science fiction. There is religious fiction.

There is the transfer of religious issues, which have been believed for thousands of years, to the stage by being kneaded in the minds with today’s technology, where high technology is experienced. So much so that the e-bomb technology, which was widely discussed and frequently reported in the world press in 2001, also inspired the screenwriters and was reflected in this movie shot in 2005, inspired by the fact that it burned all electrical and electronic equipment without causing loss of life or destruction. As you know, the electronic circuits of the equipment in the place where these bombs were dropped need to be rebuilt and the coils need to be rewound, if any, which is the attack style that draws attention at the very beginning of the movie. The subject is real technological development… However, the team that wrote and shot this movie is not that inexperienced and callous.

It is understood from the speech at the end of the movie that those who came are Gog and Magog. Those maggots are called “hegaf” in the authentic hadith about him. It has been announced that Gog and Magog, who are aggressors and will bloody the world and kill billions of people, will enter through their noses and kill them. Perhaps there is talk of a type of biological weapon. That hadith and its explanation are available here. Click..

As it is told in that hadith, in the film, aggressive beings devastate the whole world. Even if they were based on Gog and Magog in Jews and Christians, they also fit well with Islam’s narratives on this subject.

At the very beginning of the movie, although the people who came are aliens, it cannot be understood why they came out of the underground, which is because the filmmakers wanted to stay true to the information about Gog and Magog, or as they say, Gog and Magog. Because most people believe that they will come out of the ground in the End Times.

Most of the Muslims interpreted the hadiths about Gog and Magog in this way, probably because there was no advanced science and technology in the past, and they got stuck with the incomprehensible parts of the hadiths and believed that they could be underground. Also, although it may seem exaggerated to the audience, it is said in the movie, “Actually, they were already underground. They came millions of years ago”… There is a reference to the people who came to our world and fought in the time of Dhul-Qarnayn. As you know, Hz. Dhu’l Qarnayn built a wall for them not to attack our world.

While the action and excitement are high towards the end of the movie, there is a fast-paced, short-lived, and unexpected ending. The states of the world, by an alliance, do not find a cure for these three-legged machines and the aliens who enter and rule them with very advanced technology, but interestingly, it is told that a microorganism in nature has overcome them.

 The screenwriters and producers of the movie are well-known people. It is known by everyone that both Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise belong to some religious sects. While they have put so much effort and expense, there is no doubt that they can add much more color to this movie and increase what the audience expects/want, but they did/didn’t add it. They made a final that would not be accepted by most of the audience. They wanted to remain faithful to Christian and Jewish religious texts in these films, as they had done in some of their previous films, and they even faced displeasure that would arise in the audience.

 We Muslims also believe that everything described in this movie was told in authentic hadiths about 14 centuries ago. Melhame-i Kubra, or Armageddon war, which is mentioned in some hadiths describing the End Times, will be a world war. This war will be the third and last world war, and after that, there will be no more world wars, but there will be a war of the worlds. That war of the worlds will be the war between Gog and Magog and the subject of the movie.

 Our world/generation has come to the final and conflicted/bloody part in Melhame-i Kubra, but most likely those of our generation will not be able to see the war of the worlds in question. Because when that war breaks out, contrary to the expectations of the filmmakers, Muslims will have won the Melhame-i Kübra, then the new world order will have been established by Muslims, and the Islamic administration will have prevailed all over the world. Previously, I wrote dozens of articles explaining these issues from different angles, you can also look at them.

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