The real hostility of Gog and Magog is not to our world, but to the religion of Islam…

The war with Gog and Magog (the Greens and the Grays) in the era of Dhul-Qarnayn 7-8 thousands of years ago didn’t take place on Earth. It took place in space around our world.

Gog and Magog said, “This is the planet that is the center of religion of islam which is spreaded all around the space. We have to destroy this planet.” Gog and Magog which were two different human species made an alliance with this intention. But there were a small number of non-muslim human species with them. Hundreds of different human species used to visit our world in that era.

The human species from different planets that we called “aliens” weren’t hiding from the humans, there was no such a ban. Because Dhul-Qarnayn was the ruler of the only state dominated the entire world and the world was dominated by the muslims. It didn’t ruin the test in the life of the muslims having the other human species in the world and having them involved in the state affairs and therefore, this wasn’t considered as a problem. In the End Times, Hz. Mahdi will establish a one world state that will dominate the entire world and the other human species will be allowed to come to the world without hiding again. Gog and Magog will break down the wall around them in the End Times and they will attack our world.

Gog and Magog was defeated when they attacked us in the era of Dhul-Qarnayn but there were some of them who entered our world with their spaceships during the war. But the humans interfered with them and imprisoned them.

Immediately afterwards the war, Dhul-Qarnayn built a wall around the solar system of Gog and Magog but those who imprisoned stayed in our world. Those who were out of their solar system, those who were in different planets of the other solar systems and those who were travelling in spaceships out of their solar system when the wall put around their solar system never able to return their planets.

They never able to return their own solar systems, they couldn’t make it. Those who were imprisoned in our world were treated well. İslamic morality displayed against them. They were invited to islam and they became muslims. They were given a place to live and they lived in that area. They lived into their shell.

When the technology wanted to be removed from the world in the era of the prophet Solomon after the era of Dhul-Qarnayn, they were disturbed due to the implementation of this state policy. They didn’t want to accept the policy. It is obvious that they were hoping to return their planets one day. They were struggled to accept this and changed their stance. When the most advanced science and technology was removing in purpose fearing it will cause destruction of the world and the entire humanity and humans will destroy their own planet, they built secret bases under the ground and began to make studies.

They decided that they had to maintain their own level of science and technology and even reach the level of technology that Dhul-Qarnayn had and this way, they wanted to reach the level of technology to break through the wall.

The base under the Bermuda Triangle is only one of the underground bases they live in…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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