Prophet Jesus will defeat Gog and Magog

The prophet Isa will defeat Gog and Magog,

There will be one more big war after the third world war but this one will not be a world war, it will be a war between the worlds.

When Jesus descend to earth (from the floor he was taken) (his prayer about being a servant from the ummah of Muhammad will be accepted), he will not be a prophet in his second coming, he will govern with islam. Then, Allah will eliminate all except the muslims.

➥ From this hadith and so many other hadiths and also the seminal explanations of Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan in particular, we understand that Allah will clean the useless crowd with an occasion after the prophet Isa will be descended to the Earth and will be the leader of the muslims. Allah will remove those dehumanized who look like humans on Earth.

From he hadiths, it is understood that it will occur due to a war which will spread over the whole world. But this war will not be the third world war. This war will take place after the third world war. Moreover, this war will be between the humans of the world and the Gog and Magog who are two different alien species. It will be so great that it will kill almost all the people except the small number of muslims.

They will not be able to kill the sincere muslims who will be on the side of the prophet Isa. Isa will lead them in a very successful way with the help of Allah and these people will defeat Gog and Magog.

It is understood that they will strike the biggest blow to Gog and Magog who are the disbeliever and aggressive humans of a different planet, those who attacked our world and damaged it and Dhul-Qarnayn built a wall against them with biological weapons. Are you confused? Then check out the details and the evidences from here.

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Also, there are so many different human species who are muslims and non-muslims. There are evidences. İn the hadiths and Qur’an verses about them.

There are different human species that our prophet Muhammad met during the Miraj event. Some of them are in the space and some of them are in the celestial floors above the spaced, there are the seven floors. And there are five more floors above the the seven floors.

We cannot even fully understand the tiny space but there are worlds that time and place are unknown created by Allah in these floors and there are servants of Allah who don’t know what dressing and nudity are, who don’t know what femininity and masculinity, who don’t know what sun and planets, who are unaware of us and our world but who know what the religion of islam is and who serve Allah. These are not angels or jinn.

The war of the worlds which is reported the hadiths, the peoples of Gog and Magog who came from the space, the biological weapons that will destroy them…

The war of the worlds which is reported i. The hadiths, the peoples of Gog and Magog who came from the space, the biological weapons that will destroy them, the Apocalypse, Gog…

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