Between Mars and Earth: Uncle Mehdi…

Humanity will learn these facts now…

This person was literally not of this world. He has seen two worlds. This person is Uncle Mehdi, one of the students of His Excellency Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan QS. This person, who is Arab, is the source of the facts have been proven one by one over years that Akademi Magazine and SpaceExplorer.Tv have written confidently about Merih (Mars) for many years… This Uncle Mahdi told this information not five or ten years ago, but decades ago. Because he met with the Martians decades ago. He was taken from here, he was taken to Mars with one of the UFOs that did no harm to anyone or anything and has now been recorded thousands of times all over the world. When they arrived in Merih after a journey that took about two hours and 45 minutes, they were greeted with great interest by the Muslim people of Merih there, they were very respectful and gave them a chat. Then it was brought back. After he arrived, he told our brothers here what had happened. What he told has been proven one by one over the past decades, the truth has come out, it will come out, it will come out… Already before he came and went, (Hazrat Ustaz)His Excellency Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan QS also told a lot. Just as the last prophet of this world is also the last prophet of 18 thousand worlds, that is, trillions of planets on which there is life, the last perfect master of this world, which is the center of religion, is the last master guide of 18 thousand worlds. While the struggle between disbelief and Islam continues in all the realms, all people of bonds receive their blessings through that last perfect master.

After Uncle Mehdi was brought back, he told a lot of things to the students of that time, who were asking questions with curiosity. Here’s a summary of what he told:

1- Martians are as tall as our children… Their adults are only as tall as our children.

2- They don’t even have hair, beard, or eyebrows on their bodies. They are completely hairless.

3- His eyes are big. Their heads are larger than their bodies. (It is normal for them, the head-to-body ratio is different compared to our body structure)

4- Extremely civilized, moral, educated people

5- There are approximately one billion Martian people on the planet (at that time).

6- The overwhelming majority of the Martians were Muslims and they dominated the entire planet.

7- They are far ahead of us in technology.

8- If they want to harm the world, they don’t even need to come from there. They even have the technology to scorch our world from their own planet.

Surprised? Do you think it is far out?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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