What does Belde-i Tayyiba mean and where is it?

This is where “Belde-e Tayyiba” which is mentioned in the Surah Saba and means the clean and very beautiful city…

This also is nearly the borders of the area that today some circles are called the Mesopotamia…

Thousands of years ago, this place which I circled in yellow was a very advanced place in the era of an advanced technology. There were devices, houses, cars, systems for husbandry and agriculture produced with advanced technology, systems to generate water and fuel from the air, rivers supported with technology, abundance, plenty of water… There was a high technology and standard of living which would make us surprise to see today. Life became very easier but it didn’t go well for those people either.

Then the people in the region have gone astray, as it always happen. They followed the Iblees and even some alien people. They denied their prophet, they mocked him and called them crazy, they said, “if you are truly a Messenger, let that torment with which you have threatened us come to pass.” They were given time, they have gone astray and mocked him, they showed aggression towards him and were destroyed en masse. It was razed. Even the soil was burned. There were advanced technology, a completely green area and cities like heaven in everywhere even in Yemen. The area was also burned… Even the artificial heaven of Shaddad bin ‘Ad who was the king of the people of ‘Ad was in that area.

There are different sides of the issue but the aliens are at the core of the issue. There are signs of the aliens and high technology in many verses of the Surah Saba.

These are the subjects that should be told by taking a long time. But this must be known that the fifteenth verse of the surah Saba indicates that this region will be rebuilt and it will return to its former state. The area will be one of the rarest areas of the world again. Advanced science and technology will be used for the benefit of humanity, again. After a while, people will go astray again but then, there will be no correction, there will be Apocalypse.

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