It’s all lies…

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Twitter’s value fell from $ 44 billion to $ 19 billion

Twitter (X) whose real owner is the CIA had a market value of $ 44 billion in the same period last year while it is announced that it currently has a market value of $ 19 billion.

Finally, Fidelity which is an investment company that has a small stake in X had priced the company at $16.9 billion at the end of August.

It’s all lies…

There was no actual sale, neither was $ 44 billion given nor is its current value $ 19 billion.

No one even gives a billion dollars to X with its new name. The person who will give it money and buy it will not be able to keep it alive, either.

CIA can’t sell X anyway. After that so-called sale, the handover, even the shares that Balloon Musk disclosed to past executives were collusions.

The whole world understood that there is no place for good people on Twitter that Twitter is the place of freemasons, satanists and scum people… It is the place of projects developed to antagonize the world’s humanity and the demonized humanity used in these projects…

Even when they were doing those so-called sales and maneuvers to fix it, I wrote that they were trying in vain that Twitter was over…

Changing the name and changing the supposed owner did not work and it will not work. The other projects appear as owned by Baloon Musk are no different from X.

Because the Ankebut Cult is collapsing as a whole.

Currently, private banks are crying for help in Turkiye and they are also being directed by the Ankara gang not to declare bankruptcy. Perhaps after a few days, the civil servants and the pensioners will not even be given a salary. The government, the treasury and the private banks have already collapsed, they are deadlocked.

But this is not the case only in Turkiye. Even those countries that are described as a strong, modern, exemplary countries are in a miserable state. Even the biggest brands are in conditions to declare bankruptcy. This concealment, this suppression is of no use, either. The entire Ankebut Cult is collapsing with a big noise.

At X, they have thought of and tried every way to earn a regular and useful income. They were supposed to stay afloat thanks to this… But every idea, experiment, on the contrary, caused them to get bigger reactions and blows.

CIA project systems such as Google, Youtube, X, gmail, Facebook, Instgram, Whatsapp are already not being used in a region with a very high population such as Asia.

None of the above can get into the top ten in the list of the most used social media platforms in the world.

Anyway, very soon Turkiye will stop using all of these platforms and will ban them all completely. Access will not be allowed.

After Turkiye, dozens of countries in the region will also have to do this.

If they would have sold X to me when I offered 5-10 million Turkish liras just for a money exchange to occur as a matter of procedure, if my censorship had been lifted, only under those conditions X could have remained in existence. They missed that opportunity. There would be at least a billion followers on my profile alone.

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