Russia will fall apart

We should begin negotiations with some of the parties around the world for the division of the territories connected to the Russian Federation.

The Ankebut Cult have no power and means left to keep Russia afloat. And the elements in Russia couldn’t overthrow the traitors who are the servants of the West at the head of their state. The disintegration of Russia is the inevitable end.

Russia which is one of the leading pawns for the projects to divide Turkiye and destroy the Istanbul government is now disintegrating towards the end of the process. Russia which is one of the leading pawns for keeping the Ankara gang in power is now cannot keep its own so-called government in power towards the end of the process. I’ve already warned the Russians with my articles with sentences like “If you do that, this will end this way”. They didn’t listen and it happened and is still happenning as I said it would.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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