Have you seen it again?

That is what I said. Our intelligence is always solid. Muharrem, Meral, Tayyip, Bahçeli and the others are exposed and still expose to our metaphysical signals. Otherwise, neither Muharrem nor Meral nor others would withdraw from the field…

They have also no physical power. They still playing games. They use stunts who look like them, stunts with masks and AI deep fake. The last video of Tayyip playing basketball is fake. The real Tayyip can’t even stand up.

Even Hakan Fidan nearly lost his mind. His eyes look lunatic. Even Abdullah Gül is exposing our metaphysical signals. He has extreme health problems.

In fact, there are almost no one left in the political stage. Those who are in the field have no hope for the future. Meral remained noticeably silent. I made the publications because I wanted to draw her to the field and make people see her situation and it happened as I expected and she is hospitalized again. Their not only bodies but even minds are problematic. Their memory and reasoning are very problematic.

Also, they have no room left for action for them. The atmosphere is very tense everywhere, I have influence everywhere. They know that I can get all of the Ankara gang arrested without having the need of a coup or a military coup even in two hours if I want. They are already overthrown. The main issue is to destroy the masons, the crypto-ID people who doesn’t want to leave the power in Turkiye… The main thing is to make the countries who want to support the masons and  crypto-ID people and who threat us with war weak and desperate. Otherwise, the Ankara government would be publicly overthrown years ago.

The main thing is that not most of the people but real nation in Turkiye must do their part and obey the worldly and religious principles.

Their system that we called the Ankara gang is already collapsed but the Ankebut Cult doesn’t stop forcing it… How can they continue to force it with these staff? They are playing games in front of the cameras, these are all lies and illusion and nothing else.

Istanbul still controls Turkiye not oficially but practically. Everyone should see this clearly to not make mistakes, to not being crushed under the foot, to not being destroyed or collapsed.

The news report:

Meral Akşener was admitted to the hospital with complaint of fever, vomit, pain and weakness and diagnosed with viral enfection. Her programs and meetings are postponed.

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