Poor Ankebut Network…

The Ankebut Cult is trying to change the destiny by playing games, attacking us metaphysically, sacrificing some of its pawns and increasing the censorship.

It is a lost cause…

It is not possible to bring it back to life and keep it alive.

Say goodbye to the Netanyahu character. I will give him the responses he deserves.

Yesterday, I watched a video of a female astrologer on youtube. She was telling that the sky have the same balances as when the decisions of the 1994 April 5 were declared.

She repeatedly said with clear sentences that she expects a financial crises, a major financial crises will occur and a leader will be put in prison.

When the decisions of the 1994 April 5 were declared, the prime minister was Tansu Çiller.

It is not really possible to say that she is not still the prime minister.

Because, she has been working with Tayyip Erdoğan and his gang from the background and she still does.

She has always an important role in the black money and betrayal businesses. In fact, when the financial problems and concern were increased and Tayyip and his gang were cornered, she gave the “Don’t worry, I am here” message. But she silenced when she couldn’t receive the response she expected from the community.

Turkiye experienced shocking fluctations when the decisions of the 1994 April 5 were declared. And people remember those days like a nightmare.

The decisions based on the principles of “if the finance of the country in a very bad state, then shocking decisions must be taken, otherwise, it will be out of control.”

The crises is not ended, it changes shape…

The Ankebut Cult who is trying to turn the balances to their advantage which are turning against them in the Middle East lately made a move and let some of the leaders play a game in front of the cameras.

But it couldn’t turn the balances to their advantage which are turning against them. It just covered it up. It was an emergency intervention. The Ankebut Cult does nothing but playing games all around the world and on every issue.

I almost forgot, they had some of the media streamers and journalists arrested that they consider desperate and harmless and played their games.

What do you say, will they be nominated for Oscar Awards with this performance of them?

Do you think they will give Tayyip and those around him golden handcuff awards in the end?

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