Ankara will be a trouble for all its supporters in the world

The Ankebut Cult is no longer exists in the world and in Turkiye. There are only its crumbs left. There are great divisions and conflicts in it. It is also impossible to call the rest of it the Ankebut Cult. They are trying to act like they still exists and are still powerful. They are trying to do this without putting themselves at risk by making people like Tayyip, Hakan Fidan, Ali Yerlikaya who are their pawns statements, they are playing a role in front of the cameras. There is nothing left of them. It is only a matter of time before Turkiye gain its freedom. They do not have the power to stop this effort, struggle and our nation. They may use very strategical technologies, war technologies and nuclear technology and they should. We agree with it from the beginning. We want this more than they do. It is not a problem for us at all. We will continue our way. We will root out all the evil from this world. We will expell all the so-called refugees. We will collapse the Ankara gang. We will destroy the US bases and the NATO bases in Turkiye. We will remove all the invasion. We will take back our islands in the Aegean Sea in a short time. We will not stop there. We will eliminate all the devilry on everything and will bring and prevail humanism everywhere. No one will take a step back. I am in my place. I am like a mountain. No one have the strenght to come against me. Everyone will increase their efforts and go on. We will continue to organize our people. If they will use the law enforcement of our state against us, then we will start the armed activities. If they won’t, then, the streets are ours. I will make Ankara unbearable for the entire world.

Trump’s trial date can be moved forward.

Who else wants to challenge me, I want to see?

I will make my last decisions accordingly.

Even you have a chance of survival in a car when its brake went out but as of now, you have no possibility to live as a member of the Ankebut Cult.

Pay attention, I didn’t say as a leader, as a rich person or to survive.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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