Pawns of the devil

The new and expected leader of Turkiye and “The Great Architect of The Universe”

The divine realm


42 the age


Can Aydoğmuş

İlkay Buharalı

Erhan Kolbaşı

Haktan Akdoğan

New Age Cults

The meeting place of the enemies of humanity: Youtube

All of the recommended “İlkays” by the search engine of Youtube are secret Armenian/Gypsies.

These people have cryptic names and surnames.

The London-based global system knows about these people. These people are identified by Youtube’s algorithm and shows up on the first page of the results, they are even imposed to Turkish people. They are not only make them celebrity and leave them alone, they are informed, lead and use them from the background. The Masonry is used as the central organization of treachery for this.

Also MİT is doing their part in Turkiye. They make and keep these crypto-ID Youtubers prominent on the Tv, on the press and the social media.

They keep saying “Atatürk” 7/24. They are insidiously fighting against our religious and national values behind that mask. They are doing this as acting like a Turkish and muslim. 

Even perversion is being spread through them the most. So are the extra-marital relationships and fornication… So are the trend of underestimating the religion and the afterlife… They are those who make the young people say that “I am atheist” or “I am deist” even though they don’t know what those mean, they are those who make men wear tight pants, they even try to eliminate gender… There are every kind of spineless traitors among them from those who act like they are anti-vaccine to those who are acting like they are against Masonry and illuminati.

What they do is not the freedom of opinion, conscience or expression. Those are betraying in an organized way. They do everything they can everyday to collapse our people materially and morally.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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