Many of them are bursting with fear…

Come if you can, I want war/invasion as well. It will make Turkiye to be cleaned rapidly and make you go to hell. Then, I have so much to do in this planet. I don’t want to waste my time for you in groups and with small moves, let’s speed up the process…

What are you afraid of, are you afraid of death?
Don’t you have your father Iblees with you?

Hakan Fidan who is the so-called foreign minister and a money launderer and gypsy have met with the foreign minister of Holland Slot who is also a money launderer and traitor.

I wonder if there are any who surprised about these connections and the gypsy solidarity left?

There is no such a thing that the gypsies will get along well all the time and under any circumstances. They are dividing into groups and fight often.

And the citizens suffer its consequences. What a country…

I leave this here. Soon, when there is no NATO base and US base left in Turkiye… Even when there is no US elements in Syria and Iraq, I will come back and remind you.

The NATO elements who will want to carry out a military mission by trusting Turkiye will put themselves in a very bad situation. They will be in great risk. And no one will care about them when they are disintegrated.

Even though the masons, the secret Armenians and the gypsies in TSK and in the traitor Ankara gang are trying to behave differently but Turkiye is not a NATO member. Turkiye will never join a NATO mission.

How can those who hit a hard rock when trying to have a collusion between Azerbaijan and Armenia, when trying to open their black money businesses and corridors will include Turkiye in a NATO mission?

It’s not funny. What has happened is really not funny. It’s a tragic collapse, it’s bottoming out but on the other hand, they are trying have upper hand shamelessly.

When we take control of Turkiye, we will pull the plug on Alibaba, Trendyol and similar platforms in Turkiye. We will stop their systems. We will not allow them to carry out any activities. We will start hundreds of investigations simultaneously.

We will immediately and officially ban the Chinese cell phones and base stations.

We will close all the Chinese manufacturing facilities. We will immediately ban TİKTOK and deterrent penalties will be imposed to those who will violate the ban.

We will end our diplomatic relations with China. We will strike the final blows to China. We will make sure the countries who are the true allies of Turkiye will do the same practice. We will protect them from the harm and fraud of China that they wanted to make the world’s new troublemaker by replacing the USA.

By the way, have you noticed that Shanghai, BRICS and similar ones are garbage now.

The Istanbul government have already declared that it will not even allow the propaganda for these organizations and it doesn’t.

What they were planning to do and now, they end up like this. The press and the media can no longer work for these organizations and countries in Turkiye. They are fleeing from the so-called Turkish press and media… They are scared to death…

He who pays the piper calls the tune? It worths a hundred thousand dollars to be in the same photograph with Erdoğan on a dinner table.

The platinum sponsorship of the dinner Tayyip Erdoğan attended in TASC Annual Gala organised by the Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) is emerged. According to the sponsorship, those who paid a hundred dollars could sit on the protocol table with Tayyip Erdoğan and participated in the collective photo shoot.

I am against fraud. I am against exploitation. I cannot remain unresponsive to these, even if they are my siblings. I wouldn’t allow it.

Those who earn lawfully with their labor and effort can be extremely rich, I wouldn’t care or interfere.

The colonist and scammers shouldn’t gather around me. I wouldn’t even let them peddle.

If I will live, there will be no platform called YouTube.

Best case scenario, if it will be really send to a person who is not a mason or satanist, who is not a money launderer and humanity enemy, who doesn’t want to destroy the humanity’s morality and religion in purpose, who is not a pawn of any secret intelligences and if it will change its stance and will comply with the laws, then I will allow it exist. Otherwise, it will be destroyed.

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