The bloodsucking system where money is earned from the money must be destroyed

A state which have gone bankrupt and collapsed cannot get back on its feet by increasing the taxes and penalties. It makes the crisis of state grow. The state can collect less money from the people. It would drive the community and the state system further apart and it would cause conflicts.

Also a state cannot get back on its feet by collecting more taxes from the riches unjustly and it only accelerates the process of demolition of the state.

The only way to get back on our feet to eliminate immorality, to enable the people to live thoughtfuly against each other and to make good prevail. These problems cannot be solved and good people cannot be raised without these.

Everyone should pay their taxes, no one should avoid taxes. Everyone should manufacture and produce services and no one should be aim to have a living for free. The blood-sucking system of making money from money must be eliminated. Everyone should reduce waste. Efficiency/saving must be increased in all levels of society, especially in the public institutions. The public institutions must be the true and honest example and the standart bearer in combating waste.

The money flow to abroad should be cut off. For this purpose, the companies that produce basic necessities and especially agriculture and animal husbandry should get back on its feet. This cannot be done without providing the necessary education and raise moral standarts. Neither of the projects which are declared can be implemented. The waste in the public institutions must be cut off immediately. The corruption and the illegality must end. The public institutions must be cleaned from those who are unqualified and immoral urgently. We need morality for this either.

The tricks which show Europe a good example to our nation… Republic, secularism, the democratic system… The blows the masons struck to our nation, to our state system, to our religious and national values has shaken the foundation of Turkiye and the Turkish people for tens of years. A new system must be established from the ground up. Everything problematic must be refused and denied by standing tall. Turkiye must renew itself immediately. For this purpose, the press and media organizations must be cleaned from the traitors, the pawns, the masons and satanists urgently.

We must get the judicial system back on its feet immediately and injustice, unlawfulness, bribery, corruption, scams, those who steal the means of the public institutions must be prevented. Nothing works properly in a place where there is no justice. Even the investors would leave our country which it would be unwise to expect the foreign investors to come our country.

Everyone should fulfill their responsibilities to get our country back on its feet. Otherwise, increasing the taxes and bills and collecting more taxes from the riches unjustly accelerate the process of demolition of the state.

The way to raise the morality of the community as soon as possible is to put the female children under protection in a special education and training system like they are rare flowers and protect them from every kind of harm and harrasment and raise them as faithful people with high morality. Because women give birth to men. And women raise the men and help keep them afloat by standing with them through every difficulty.

First, the morality and faith must be increased. It should be in practice, not just in theory. Tiktok, LGBT and various harmful things will be banned oficially and immediately. Inspections will be conducted to make sure if the prohibitions work. Yes, this is the quickest way to overcome the financial problems and end the crises, it is the moral education and prohibitions.

Collapse and even destruction is inevitable for an immoral community.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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