I’ll crash that Mercedes too and it won’t take long time

Turkiye does not need engines of Rolls-Royce or other companies.

There is no real obstacle that would prevent Turkiye from developing and manufacturing their own engines it needs. When our country is cleaned from the masons and the crypto-ID people…
When the pawns of London, the USA, Israel, Russia and China in the country are taken out of the game…
The engine problem will be solved in a very short time.

Turkiye doesn’t need the support of the companies in question in the process of developing and manufacturing its own engines. The projects can be completed in a few months with its own internal dynamics and will be started to the serial production stage.

Turkiye will become a center of attraction for the think tank around the world. They will come to Turkiye with running steps and will want to live and evaluate their knowledge and experiences in Turkiye.

Turkiye will not manufacture or purchase unnecessary frigate.

I already told this. There will be towers on the lands and in the seas. They will be milti-purpose, will be very tall and very concrete. These towers will be used for producing large amounts of water through condensation with very low costs.

Also these towers will be used for arranging the rainfalls without any danger. They will have systems to form clouds and to bring rain during drought.

Also, these towers will be used to protect all of the lands and the people of the country from the electromagnetic attacks of the hostile parties. The artificial earthquake attacks or climate attacks of the hostile parties will be prevented through these towers. If they deserve it, we will attack them with the same way to teach them a lesson.

It will be used especially towards air and naval forces of the enemy states.

They will send them electroshocks, signals and laser beams that they cannot resist. It will be able to make a big enemy navy useless in about half an hour or it will explode, burn or sink them. Also, it will have the technology to kill the soldiers in the naval ships without damaging the ships and the vehicles and the means of the navies will be kept as trophies.

These fleets will be able to shoot and destroy big air fleets of planes collectively even from hundreds of kilometers away. Drones are not a real threat but there will be destructive interventions that will only take a few minutes against the very advanced ones.

It will be able to destroy every kind of missiles including the missiles with nuclear warhead they send towards Turkiye before the missiles leave their own airspace.

On the other hand, we will use them to observe and watch space and to obtain scientific data. Also, they will be used for a healty communication with the other human species in space.

We will be very sensitive and cautious about ensuring the security of these towers from the land. Therefore, one of these towers will be built in the middle of the Salt Lake. The other one will be built in the middle of the Van lake. Some of them will be built in the designated areas in our territorial waters. There will be a large number of medium-sized and large-sized towers. These will work and will be used in an organized way across Turkiye.

When we take back our Aegean islands, we will build towers in some of them. These towers will not pose a health risk for the people and the staff in and around of them. These will not emmit radiation.

The masons, the satanists, the crypto-ID spinless traitors, the pawns of others will never be allowed to infiltrate to this system or to apply for a position in this system. They will not be able to use Turkiye’s defense power in accordance with other countries’ commands.

Turkiye will not waste its time with the unnecessary and outdated projects of engine, wing, plane, helicopter, İHA, SİHA, TİHA, tank, artillery projects and similar ones. With this tower network, there will always be a gigantic protection shield in on piece on Turkiye.

Nuclear energy which is extremely dangerous, harmful, illogical and have no future will not be preferred for the constant energy needs of these towers.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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