Türkiye will not be a member of any alliance

The Istanbul government:

Turkiye will not be a member of any organization except the Power Alliance (MI). It will also not be a member of any other international political, military and financial organization.

Turkiye is not a party to a possible conflict between China and Taiwan.

We have no bond or connection with the Palestinians who are the Turkish enemies even with their blood running through their veins and who have extreme defective gene problems. While all the historical facts and scientific facts are explicit, it is not possible to claim that they are Arabs.

Turkiye’s official stance on the Palestine issue will change completely. Every Palestinian in Turkiye will be expelled. The Palestinians will be banned from entering Turkiye. It will be banned to make propaganda for Palestine or to hold aid campaigns for Palestine.

Turkiye will eliminate also the Palestine virus while eliminating the Israel virus from its’s body.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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