Has a new custom come to the old village?

Neither Russia nor any other country cannot open a legal or an illegal representative office in the invalid and illegal organization called Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

They cannot open it even though they talked about it for a thousand years. A state cannot consider a system, an illegal authority as an interlocutor that it doesn’t recognize. Those who don’t recognize each other officially cannot interact and engage in trades with one another.

If Russia wants to increase its black money income in Cyprus that have been turned into a black money hell… If it wants to kidnap more babies, children, youn girls, young women, organ and drug… If it wants more money from gambling… If it wants to increase their income from prostitution… If it wants to preserve their ways of making these incomes, then, they have to find another way.

What the so-called officials of TRNC said is not important for us. All of them whether will be killed during the official operations with legal justification that we will carry out or we will arrest them and they will be tried and hanged. That’s all…

All of their dirty businesses will be published through our official broadcasting company… All of the countries, governments, so-called kingdoms they work from the background, all the govenrments and so-called kingdoms will be exposed. Millions of children who are disappeared will be brought to account.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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