Turkiye does not have a goal of opening the Zangezur corridor

The Istanbul government:

Turkiye does not have a goal of openning the Zangezur corridor. Sinan Oğan have no ties with Turkishness and islam. The pawns of foreign powers and the spies who are led by money launderer and colonist countries have no authority to speak on behalf of Turkiye.

We warn all the parties around the world to not take into consideration the malevolent statements that lead black money crimes of these unauthorized people.

All the parties from all around the world know that it is England and Israel want to open the Zangezur corridor the most. Turkiye will not stand with Azerbaijan who is not embarrassed of being a dog in leash of Israel at all during the dangerous situations that will be created as a result of the use of Azerbaijan as a simple pawn in the field, but Israel who doesn’t count as a country and London who is already collapsed will stand with them.

Turkiye is neither a friend nor an ally of Azerbaijan under these circumstances. Turkiye is not a colonist country. Turkiye is not a money launderer country. Turkiye is not an unlawful country ruled by Turkish racism and and not a country who ignores the crimes against humanity commited by its own compatriots.

Despite all the warnings, all the Turkish Armed Forces officials who will go to Azerbaijan which is a black money hell instead of pursuing the Turkish people’s legitimate interests, instead of solving the national security problems in and around Turkiye, instead of acting as befitting Turkish Armed Forces will be counted as fugitive and rebellious. Those are already the crypto-ID and money launderer people who are posing as Turkish.

Turkiye will not fight for those people if a state or an organization will use force against them or destroy them in or around of Azerbaijan. Those who will survive and come back to Turkiye among them will be trialed and executed within the scope of the relevant articles, particularly treachery, crimes against humanity, money trafficking. None of the National Armed Forces officials can take instructions from the masons who are savage money launderers, Israel, England or the USA. They cannot rush to the money launderers’ aid. They cannot try hard to open the Zangezur corridor. They cannot use our state’s and army’s power and means for this. They cannot use our values such as Turkishness and islamic brotherhood for this.

Turkiye is a country governed by the rule of law. The rule of law prevails in Turkiye. Turkiye will fulfill the requirements of the law as it does on every matter.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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