Have you paid the arbitrarily imposed taxes?

Did you please those who cannot be satisfied?

Money is flowing…
They don’t even care about the country or the people. They don’t think about the children who go to bed hungry for even a second.

There is a lot of money flowing from the bills, the contracts, the lands that they burned and zoned for construction, the taxes and also from the human, organ and drug trafficking and oil and gas trafficking. Your money is flowing to them and the countries behind them.

If Tayyip give hundreds of billions of dollars back he stole from the state treasury or the money turn back to the treasury after he will be crushed under the foot, wouldn’t it solve the financial problems of Turkiye?

Continue to pay it. Pay what they want instead of crushing those rascals under your foot who are even afraid of their own shadows.

Pay your taxes, do not object..
He will steal for the last time and run away. Where will he go, to Russia, England, Qatar, Somali, the USA, Germany, the UAE or China? Or into the ground?

If he didn’t make mistakes in the last period, if he didn’t hold himself back from changing the regime, if he could bring back the Sultanate system, would it make the UAE, Qatar, Saudi America and similar countries happy the most or is it Israel, the USA and England?

Some say he will escape to Hungary. It is not clear if he will escape. It is more likely that he may have gone already. There are so many people who look like Tayyip in appearance.

Let’s assume that he has gone to Hungary somehow. If Hungary won’t extradite him and those around him… We will wipe all the countries from Turkiye to Hungary off the map and include them into our lands if we have to and take Tayyip back and hang him.

And we will take back hundreds of billions of dollars he has stolen. It doesn’t matter how many times the money changed hands, we will take it back like ripping the lungs.

What about Macron who is a big thief, what will happen to him?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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