Not the butterfly effect, but the Istanbul effect

These are very beautiful sceneries, very beautiful… This is not a butterfly effect, this is the Istanbul effect…

And the parties who think they are strong against Istanbul caused the technical failures of the Panama canal and why the ships cannot pass by. They are such idiots. They cannot get away with it that easy. They should be ready for new surprises.

I wrote it repeatedly, any businesses of those who are supporting the Ankara government will not work out.

Did everyone of you leave the Aegean Sea? Our “first metaphysical water games drill” in the Aegean sea will begin to take shape and become visible. Be wise and don’t humiliate yourselves again.

Why didn’t you build one more alternative canal in Nicaragua?

Were you busy with human (women, young girls, children, babies), organ, drug and arms trafficking?

You can no longer build a new one because you have neither money nor time. Also, you can no longer use the Panama canal the way you used to. Do not make those ships wait in there, even if the problem will be resolved, it will occur again. The Panama canal is closed for the black money businesses. If you don’t want to accept this fact and want to challenge against Istanbul, then, there is the field…

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