Get out of Serbia too

Turkiye is not a friend, ally or a partner of Sırbia and it doesn’t have good relations with Sırbia. The statements of the illegal officials of Sırbia which is a despicable, miserable, disgraceful pawn of Russia are invalid.

Turkiye cannot have a good relation with those who support the Ankara government. The parties around the world shouldn’t be deceived by the simple moves of these simple pawns and experience any loss or go bankrupt.

After the Ankara government being overthrown, Turkiye will end its diplomatic relations with Hungary and Sırbia immediately and completely. It will continue until the peoples of these countries overthrow the money launderer, savage, human enemy, pawn, masonic administrators at their head…

Turkiye will expose and show the world all the dirty businesses of countries like those and their illegal leaders with official documents through the Tv channels.

Leave Sırbia, too. Take everything you have out of that country as soon as possible. Or stay there and burn, collapse, go bankrupt with Sırbia. I will establish all the balances against Sırbia. I will burn, collapse Sırbia, either or maybe I will even wipe it off the map.

As they grow hungrier, when they fall into misery and when the world start to talk about how disgraceful their conditions are, they should drink Russian natural gas in liquid form if they can find.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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