Instead of standing beside the nation…

You will not explain anything to the police, the gendarmerie, soldiers, the supervisors, the commanders, the district governors or the mayors who will stand against to our people and say “I am a civil servant, I follow the orders”, rather than standing against all of the treachery, humiliation, evil, exploitation, persecution, fraud, lies…

You will say “Surrender”, those who will not surrender will be considered as an enemy. Everything has been done to the enemies and the elements of the invasion will be done to them also.

They will learn in the afterlife what is a crime gang called a government, and how they were a tool for what they have done to the state and the people with the excuse of being a civil servant… How great their sins are… And how they were involved the crimes/sins of selling the homeland and the human and organ traffickings…

If there is any spiritual responsibility on this matter, then I take all of them on me. Let those who serve to the savage and evil system as a civil servant, soldier, mayor, district governor like there is no problem and like we are not losing our homeland be perished, let all of them die. We hope their burrial pits will be deep and their punishment will be painful.

The diplomatic contacts between the money laundering, prostitution, drug smuggling, human and organ trafficking country called Russia and Turkiye will be finished completely and immediately.

The so-called diplomatic representatives of Russia will not be considered as an interlocutor. 

When our people’s struggle of expelling the invaders that they called the refugees begin on the physical field…

Everyone will be very cautious about the traps of Russia, Qatar, Iran, UAE, Syria and Iraq. Everyone, every group, every tribe who are aiding and abetting to the pawns that they called “the terrorist groups”, and even those who are defending them will be destroyed during our people’s legitimate attempt.

Everyone and everything who troubled us, damaged us, burdened us, those who have been the tools of those who humiliated and mistreated us will be destroyed.

I am in Istanbul, in my place. I will not go anywhere. I will not leave my place, unless a heavy siege or attack.

If they dare to come… If there are countries who can stand against Turkiye’s struggle for freedom… Russia, the USA and especially Israel and England, all of them can come to my place, anytime.

There is no turning back from here. This will end here.

Also those they called the “Arab tourists” and the “Arab investors” will be cleaned around Turkiye, simultaneously. They will be expelled, those who won’t leave the country will be destroyed.

The official documents which are given to them have no legal validity. Also the official documents the traitors signed cannot be considered valid. The so-called property deeds, the so-called citizenships and Turkish identities have no legal validity. Those papers will not be considered valid…

They should take their money back from those who they gave it, if they can. They cannot take even one penny from Turkiye and the Turkish people. We have receivables from their countries as Turkiye and we will take them.

The Africans who are illegally stay in Turkiye will not be welcomed. We will say them to “leave our country immediately”. We will spend no money. We will not let our people to be damaged anymore. The buses, the ships, the planes will never be used. They will leave our country the way they came in.

We will break the noses and smash the faces of those who will resist, immediately. Those who go a step further and use sticks, weapons, sharp objects against us will be shot and killed, immediately.

If their women and teenagers will act the same way, then they will be shot and killed, either. If they will give their children’s hand sticks, weapons or stones, they will be shot in where it will not cause them to die. Our people will be careful not to get hurt and not to get a blow.

Those who will ask for mercy will not be harmed. The nobility and the justice of the Turks will be shown.

You have no responsibility to tell anything to anyone. You will say, “Mfs is in his place, you should consider him as the interlocutor and go and tell him if you have problems and you will continue to your struggle.

I will speak to them in the language that they understand.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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