Damn USA!

The USA who is the servant of the Iblees, the pawn of Dajjal, the center of corruption and savagery…

You should go and feed Taliban who is your accomplice that you starved first. They are about to rebel, calm them down.

You should save Russia that you are working with from the clutches of Istanbul first, if you can…

China which is in collusion with you is collapsing loudly, keep it afloat if you can…

France turned into a garbage, Germany is violently drifting, Italy stays silent as a lamb, Spain doesn’t even want to show itself in the field, pull them together if you can…

There is no longer an Ankara government left, there is no one left who take the General Staff seriously, there is no Free Mason who haven’t pack his suitcase. The treachery and black money system in Turkiye are already exposed. There will be a judicial interventions, solve all of these problems if you can…

Damn USA!

You have 40 million people in your country who are homeless or don’t even have a proper home. Almost a hundred million people in your country go to sleep hungry… You can no longer pay salary to the soldiers in your army, you can no longer provide weapon and ammunition. Feed yourself first… Do you have a real army, take a look at yourself first… But not with blinders on, look at yourself with seeing eyes…

Do you have a navy? How many of your ships continue experiencing malfunctions? What about your satellites? What about your communication systems? What about your airports and planes?

Are you still in charge even in Africa?

Look at yourself, is that you to challenge the Turks? Do not push our buttons or we will take your head off. And we will take all of the gypsy pawns that you use in our country, strangle them on the deck of the pile of metal that you called a ship. We can also take those of you that you called diplomatic representatives and put them in jail. And you can only watch it from a distance.

Those who have receivables from the USA should collect the money as soon as possible. They won’t be able to collect their money when this month is over. Or at least they won’t be able to collect them with cash or with precious metals.

Those the USA owes them a great debt should be ready for the USA to be divided.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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