Its fuming, its fuming…

Dukhan is happening. Do not think about Turkiye. You should think about the other black money centers of the world, your minds will refuse what will happen, you will say that “It cannot be real, it must be a film scene” as you watch it…

People will be kidnapped everywhere with the alliance of the government and the mason cult, organs will be ripped off, even some of the babies who are kidnapped will be raped, satanistic rituals will be performed everywhere, sorcery, nudity, prostitution, murders and drugs will spread the entire world and do you think the humanity will not fight against it and it will keep going this way?

It doesn’ttt… It never does. At least, a Dukhan will appear and change the world. Then the day comes and hundreds of millions of people die in only one day without even one building being demolished.

Whether the peoples will live in an humane way and these mind-blowing pains will be ended immediately. Or they will die en masse and in worse way than animals. One way or another, this world will be cleaned…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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