Surah Duha is also one of the surahs in which the time of Hazrat Mahdi mentioned as good tiding…

This surah has been revealed when our prophet was struggling while fulfilling his prophethood, he was being left out and ridiculed by the disbelievers. Allah placated and consoled his prophet and heralded the surah “Dukhan”…

To date, the scholars has said that “dukhan” in the verse means forenoon. The first verse of the surah Ad-Dukhan are allegorical which means that there is simile in these verses.

Hz. Allah compared the era of the violent denial and persecution to a dark night and called the time that the era full of darkness and persecution, tears and savagery was brigthened and the time that the darkness turned to day as “Dukhan”. And he swore on it because of it is very, very precious in the sight of him.

The foundation of the similitude is this… Forenoon is the time when the sun rays illuminate the huge areas where they fall in the best way.

So, when the heralded time, the “dukhan” comes, the world will be illuminated by the sun rays which means by the beauties of the religion of islam in the brightest way. The world will be a one state and it will be an islamic state and the era of denial, persecution and savagery will be ended.

We understand from so many hadiths that this era will be the era of Hz. Mahdi. Therefore, it is said, “You know that, one of your descendants will destroy the darkness/denial, the persecution/savagery everywhere in the world at the end times of your ummah and will illuminate the entire world. Now, you should pay attention about the issues during your struggle. When the big day, the expected time comes, I will take my revenge from the disbelievers and cruels, collectively. I will hold them accountable.” to our prophet in the surah Ad-Dukhan.

Therefore, Allah declares in the surah Ad-Duhaa, “And the next life is certainly far better for you than this one.” Our prophet will be pleased the most with the era of Hz. Mahdi and his good deeds and his rank will be increased. Because if our prophet hadn’t illuminated the darkness and conveyed the messages despite all the unimaginable difficulties and tortures, the era of Hz. Mahdi wouldn’t be possible.

A very high number of people will live as being believers during the era of Hz. Mahdi, they will do good deeds and die as being believers. The copies of all the good deeds will be written the books of deeds of our prophet and Hz Mahdi. Because if someone launch a new virtuous era, the copies of all good deeds of those who follow him/them are written to his/their book of deeds.

Our prophet said, “The example of my ummah is like the rain. It is not known whether the initial part or the latter part is good.” This hadith is also related to the subject… Because the ranks of Hz. Mahdi and those will be on his side during the time he destroys the darkness will be so high. Their ranks will be even higher than the ranks of the Sahaba. Even higher than the ranks of some of the prophets…

Throughout the history, there has never been such a great, such a comprehensive, deep and long-lasting era of denial and persecution in the world. The Apocalypse must have happened by now. The Apocalypse is delayed because of Hz. Mahdi is trying to destroy and will destroy the darkness and will be instrumental in rising the sun of islam.

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