I swear I will burn all the worlds…

Everyone should be cautious and diligent.

I advised the jinn world for more than an hour. Both muslim Jinns and the non-muslim Jinns listened to me very carefully. A very high number of jinns converted to islam and they still do. This time, the closest jinns and jinn tribes to the Iblees converted to islam. This is a finishing move for the Iblees who has already lost so much power…

On the one hand, there is a great happiness and joy and on the other hand, there is a high level of anger and upset. This eid is a two times eid for the muslims and this eid is the last moments of the Iblees’s system… The Iblees who deceived the jinns has no choice but to launch the last and great attack with the non-muslim jinns he has left. All the satanist mediums and the satanist magicians who work for him among the humans and aliens will simultaneously join this war. The metaphysical field is violent even now but the tension will increase so much more in the coming hours.

We are in the field like a mountain conflicting them at the moment. We will kill or cripple most of them. So few of them will be able to run from us. We will do the same to those among the humans who attack us.

In these moments, also the patriots and the patriotic groups who have no direct connection with us must be cautious and careful. All of them should protect themselves metaphysically as much as they can. Those who cannot do anything should pray. We are cleaning around them often and we will continue to do this but there is still danger for them.

Also, when I pull the pin of the bomb, share the evidences and cause turmoil in tens of countries of the world in a legal way, when the humanity start to raise, there are those who will make plans to artificially create great disasters in Turkiye. Those who will artificially create disasters in Turkiye should know that even if this country will be destroyed not once but ten times, I will pull the pin of the bomb and I will strike the biggest blows in our world to the satanic system which works for the Iblees one after another and the time is nearer now.

Now, those who want his wife to become a widow and their children become orphans from the humans and the jinns, those who think that they can maintain the already collapsed system of the Iblees in existence should come out and face us. I swear that I will burn all the worlds…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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