Why are you so shocked and shaken?

Surah Al-‘Asr is one of the surahs which are reported about the age of Hz. Mahdi. “Asr” means time. It means “age”. It means “to stop”. It means “arrest”. Yesterday, I have posted some articles about the surah Al-Hajj. The word “hour” in the surah Al-Hajj and the word “asr” in the surah Al-‘Asr are connected. It is about the time which is expected for thousands of years…

Hz. Mahdi will forbid evil. Moreover, he will not do this with only advice. He will also use force and will cause mass deaths. He will open a new era. He will weaken the people who are connected to the Ankebut Cult, he will get them cornered, arrest them and he will not allow them to do evil to humanity.

As the age/era begins, billions of stone with two legs will die. I metaphorically call them stones with two legs but there will be people who will die by suddenly turning into stone among those who will be destroyed, like the people of Pompeii. Major events and disasters will take place. When these destruction events which it can be called “the apocalypse before apocalypse” taking place, only those who believed and did good deeds will be saved. They will be saved whether they will live or die. But the other will be filled to hell. And some of those who will not die and survive will be worse than dead. They will think that they live in hell and will die painfully in time.

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