I’ve already written in my posts that Twitter is garbage…

The fake selling/transferring to Elon Musk was a mistake.

The fake exposure of Twitter’s previous so-called owners’ sencor is not convincing. It was also not beneficial. On the contrary, it is confirmed the secret/insidious sencor that I have been telling, they gave themselves away.

Twitter has been running at a loss, it was always in loss, it has to make revenue. The decisions they made to make the revenue increase was not accepted by the people, still not accepted and will not be. Twitter wouldn’t strike itself the blows so rapidly if they said “We are in very bad condition. We cannot continue to operate. We will accept donation from our users.”

It was clear that this would happen. I think CIA which is the real owner of Twitter should have already pulled the plug of Twitter. Twitter cannot even enter the most used 10 social media platforms in the world for a long time. It is crawling on the floor. It was also brought Twitter down to standing openly and unlawfully on the side of the masonic gangs who are against the will of the people, who have seized the states’ systems and came to power in Turkiye and other countries. The world is not what it used to be. Despite all the sencor, Akademi magazine collapsed the world system which the masons control as they please everywhere in the world.

Thread is also a collusion. They had to accept that Twitter will be out of the game and it is their new move… They are playing this game in a very amateur way. The Thread will not work either. The real owner of these platforms is the same…

All of the American-based and even the western-based platforms are finished now. Even YouTube and Google will be finished and collapsed or there will be a real sell-off at the last minute.

If they would bring Twitter into the line that I want in the last period, the political structure of the world would be in completely different circumstances, the statement of the social media competition would be completely different. Twitter would definitely be ranked in top 3 or maybe it would be the number one.

This is their choice… I said I would give ten million liras for Twitter but I don’t even give five hundred thousand liras now. It is rubbish now.

It turns out that it is also so close to being rubbish for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

There is the metaphysical part of the issue that it was not possible for the media platforms in question not to expose to our signals in the metaphysical conflicts while all the systems the Ankebut Cult have are exposing to our signals.

Why would anyone want to sell an income-generating, seamlessly running platform which provide benefits?

Twitter’s sell-off would be out of the question if it would be the old Twitter. It’s sell-off is not real though but it wouldn’t have been reset at that level. A new atmosphere, a new vision and a new wind wouldn’t be needed.

Those who laugh when Elon tried to sell the flowerpots/plants in his office to the Twitter employees and when similar strange news reported in the press should find those news and read it again.

As the BLM activists say, the USA has never been a strong country. Everything was a lie and a propaganda from the beginning. I have been telling this for more than ten years. People were only laughing in the first moments. Now, not only in Turkiye but in the whole world the crowds accepted this truth. The acceptances are changed. The sencors of the USA-based social networks didn’t work. Akademi magazine won. The world has changed a lot.

There is a labor pain, a wind of change in everywhere in the world.

Those who look how the wind turned around about the LGBT issue across the world in the last two years can certainly see who won. The Queen, Trump, Macron, Putin, Merkel and Xi no longer exist. And a real government in the USA which can stand firm doesn’t exist. There is a big reset everywhere and Istanbul did this…

The companies such as Tesla and SpaceX which seem like owned by Elon Musk are actually already collapsed. As I have been saying it for more than ten years, even NASA collapsed… The USA will be completely kneel down after the expected disasters. Then, we will take the lands, the facilities and taxes by seizing if it is required.

That so-called super power country expanded its financial resources by exploiting Turkiye the most, and it is still continue to exploit us. When we buy a cell phone, we pay for the second phone for the Americans. It is same for the cars… Everything was the same, it still is, and despite this, that super power country is collapsed and still continue to collapse.

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