They never lived like normal human-beings

It’s an ordinary day in China where the people live like bugs and without humanity for the last five thousand years… The Chinese people are a community that they haven’t been able to live as human beings for thousands of years because of they are gypsies. This truth can be clearly seen in the videos spreaded around the world from China for the last 5 years. Even the people who look at them from a distance can certainly understand what a trouble they are. They do not have decent faces, decent body shapes, a healthy logic, a healthy reasoning, a healthy language, cleanliness, conscience, mercy, patient or spirituality. They are genetically built this way thousands of years ago and they are still living this way, they are living in an inhuman way.

Of course, I exclude the very few exceptions among them.. Although, there are very few of them. In the video, so many cars were passing by. There are buildings on both sides of the street. No one stopped and intervened. That woman could be saved not once but tens of times. Because of the negative reactions from all around the world, they spreaded some footages that make them look like they have social solidarity in recent years. But it’s all a game…

The problems cannot be corrected without fixing their genetic codes or without they are being destroyed. They wouldn’t have only internal problems but they would make troubles for the world. I am not even laughing at those who claim that such a country as China can be a world leader, a super power country… I am tired of laughing it off. They are supposed to be cultered researchers, enlightened people who can teach people but they are closing their eyes not to see and accept the mind-blowing truths before their eyes. They are no different than the Chinese for acting this way. Besides, those who are acting this way in Turkiye have gypsie genes. (It claims that the driver didn’t leave the woman wounded and killed her to receive a lesser sentence according to the Chinese law.)

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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