There is no real Ankebut network left anmore

Russia is in my hands at the moment… All the parties know that. They are playing games to hide it…

Hakkari and its surroundings are quite risky lately…

Also Muğla and its surroundings are quite risky lately…

The metaphysicists of those who are on my side, those who are hostile to me and those who are remained neutral should look at what happened in the metaphysical field around the world in the last a few hours. If they haven’t look at it, if they are still not informed… There is no real Ankebut Cult in the metaphysical field anymore. They are in miserable condition. There are serious problems in many underground cities of various parts of the world. The problems in the underground cities caused some of the recent earthquakes.

The Iblees and Dajjal are overexposing our metaphysical signals that they can’t even understand what is spoken properly. Their reasonings are problematic and they cannot even protect themselves.

The struggle in Russia is not limited to Wagner. Even if Wagner will be destroyed, this struggle won’t stop, it will not end and will achieve a result.

I’ve already written repeatedly and long ago what will happen to France. It will turn into a rubbish dump, it will be like a corpse, terrible things will happen to it. It will probably be plundered by the other European countries who are in hunger. There is no nation as French. Most of them are gypsies, too.

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