The person who made the world a single state for the first time was Hazrat Dhu al-Qarnayn and he was a Turk…

From what I know, this is the order of the rulers who rule the world as one state:

1. Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn

2. The prophet Sulaiman

3. Nebuchadnezzar, he also called Buhtunnasr

4. Nemrud. If I am wrong about this matter, you can enlighten me. I am a human, I have made mistake before and I’ve corrected them when I noticed. And I will correct it if I’m wrong on this one.

It is reported that there will be a fifth ruler of the world after these four rulers and that it will be Hz. Mahdi. From what I understand, Hz. Mahdi will be a Turk and he will make the entire world as one state just like Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn did. There will be important events in the time of Hz. Mahdi very similar to those in the time of Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn. When Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) attack our world for the second time, Hz. Mahdi will lead the world humanity as the ruler of the world and he will win the war.

And also, there will be important events in the time of Hz. Mahdi very similar to those in the time the prophet Abraham. He will not allow those who have defective genes to win. Do not expect me to tell everything. Let your men tell the things they know and let us take advantage of you. We will listen if you have objections. You couldn’t done it yet, your men have been low-level and empty, and were mixing everything up. They didn’t have good intention, though. Maybe you can do this kind of a thing now…

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