Even the Kaaba can be destroyed

A military coup is not the only thing that will happen in Saudi America. There will be many major events. Allah knows the best, these events may occur one after another.

There will be one of the sinking into the ground events in Saudi America which is reported in the hadiths and it will be a very violent and major disaster.

Even Kaaba may collapse during the disaster. There is also a hadith narration about the collapse of Kaaba. It will be rebuilt shortly after it collapsed. It has collapsed before and it was rebuilt by Hz. Abraham and his son Hz. Ismael.

There is a different world under the ground of Saudi America. There are huge and highly developed cities. There will be a sinking into the ground event because of one part of the underground system will collapse. Just as the collapse of the underground city under the Lake of Lut and it formed the Lake of Lut…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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