Its directly cause of war

Some of those who want to hold a so-called election which is illegal, against the Constitution and election law in Turkiye…

Some of those who try to help the other states, the secret intelligences, the international terror and money laundering organizations to reach their goals with this occasion will try to flee the country when things get out of control. No matter how careful we will be, there will be those who flee among them in this chaos and the transition process.

All the states in the world should know that the Mfs’ Turkiye will see their acceptance of those traitors and money launderers as a direct cause of war, will see them as an enemy of the Turks and Turkiye, will see it as support to terror, betrayal, every kind of crime and criminals. When the day comes, Turkiye will go to war with all the countries who commit this lawlessness and anti-human action that our neighboring countries will be first, the regional countries will be second and the other countries will be third.

No state/government can see the money launderers, human and organ traffickers, drug and arms smugglers, war and terror offenders, murderers, massacrists who have taken the administration of another country, who commited every kind of lawlessness and crimes and who are about to fall into the hand of the people as “political asylum seekers”.

All the parties should make their decisions, accordingly. Very soon, none of the excuses of the parties will be accepted.

Not only Turkiye, but Turkiye’s true allies will make necessary military interventions to those countries by organizing through MI. And they will have their share of the booty.

That’s how this is going to be… Whether individuals, communities and governments will comply with the law or they will get a harsh response that they deserve.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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