Who are “they”, about who does Biden speak about?

Who are they, who does Biden mean by “they”, does he give a message in passing, does he challenge someone, I didn’t understand. But if he thinks that he is challenging Istanbul, he should know that I am the one who determine not only the future of Turkiye and the USA but the future of the whole world.

Until today, this path that I am a member of has determined the balances of the world. It has been that way from the first humans. The prophets, our prophet (pbuh) which is the last of the prophets and the Silsile-i Saadat who continues his way have determined.

I am under their command and I am in this world to make the life of the pedophiles, satanists, ritualists unbearable. This is why I am sent to the world at this time. And I will continue to make their lives unbearable. Everything that has happened so far was only the trailer, the movie has not started yet.

I will go down in history as the person who collapsed the USA and I am about to finish it already… The movie called “The collapse of the USA” will end as quickly as it started.

Biden was trying to say something the last time, too. He said, “We will fight” and he had trouble coming off the stage. How hard could it be to collapse such a country like the US…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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