Tayyip was like this awful condition…

He couldn’t even perceive time and place… He didn’t even know he was on live broadcast. He passed out and then woke up during the live broadcast. He had “incurable” damages and so many grey spots in his brain. He was unable to understand what was told him.

He couldn’t go down the small stairs on his own. He had lost his bowel and bladder control. He had lost his memory almost completely, there were holes in his memory that he couldn’t reach it. He couldn’t remember what he ate or what he said the day before. He couldn’t stand tall when he was on the stand. His voice was very thin. He was having trouble breathing.

What happened to this Tayyip? What made him come alive, how did he completely recovered that fast?

The question can be asked in a different way. How long they have been using Tayyip’s stunts with plastic/silicon maskes?

Could the one who passed out during the live broadcast the last time be the stunt of Tayyip?

If you would be one of the masons who ruined and exploited Turkiye by using such a unqualified person as Tayyip, would you care about Tayyip’s health status? Or would you continue on your own way with the stunts?

If anyone knows, tell me if Bahçeli is still not dead or it is a stunt of him.

If PKK or a similar organization commit a terrorist act with or without an explosion somewhere in Turkiye, you must know that AKPKK-MHPKK government, MİT, CIA, the staff officers in TSK, so-called opponent parties will be responsible of this terrorist act.

You should know that the ministry of internal affairs and Soylu will be behind this terrorist attack the most.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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