Check the metaphysical realm out

Do not run away! Do not die! Do not collapse!

The whole world can see how miserable, how cowardly, how pathetic you are…
Come on, try harder…

It is not possible for them to hide it anymore. Get ready for “a global financial crisis”. It will be very loud.

They cannot hide that much of a debt collapse with metaphysical attacks, censors, false official statements. The most of the black money flow has been cut, too.

Do not try to make “profit”. Just focus on protecting your capitals. Cut the spendings in a controlled way or minimize the spending. Take and do only the guaranteed work. Avoid taking risks. Take into consideration that the collapses of big companies will be violent. Do not make unnecessary purchases and do not borrow. Do not trust any currency. Tens of countries are running by only one person, it’s the dajjal, the alien dajjal and do not trust the official statements of the states.

So many people in the crypto currency field will suffer, I’ve warned them repeatedly. Be much more careful about internet piracy.

Money flow of the Ankebut Cult cannot function properly. The global crises would be exploded already if these countries wouldn’t be in collusion. They were able to postpone it but the destiny would never change, it’s happening.

The Chinese market is a quagmire at the moment.

So many famous people who are the members of the Ankebut Cult, who direct the financial and political balances so far don’t even have the power to answer the phones now. They are deadlocked and desperate all over the world.

Hundreds of banks that they think they never collapse are already collapsed…

I will allow Turkiye to blown in the wrong directions, to have major damages and when I say “now is the time”, I will get Turkiye back on its feet.

It will be revealed that the financial statements announced by tens of countries are inflated baloons.

The peoples will be furious when they realized that they have been deceived, insidiously robbed by their administrators, that they caused them collapsed. No censor or army will be able to stop them.

“The shell companies” they used to keep the exchanges and finances afloat with cash money will be exposed. There will be many suicides, assassinations, arrest and trials…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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