Take a look to the Germany that writhing inwretchedness and incapacity

It is so laughable…

We would believe what is written, if we didn’t live in this country.

German Magazine Der Spiegel:

– Bayraktar is 43 years old and looks not unlike a movie star with his designer stubble, square chin and short, dark hair.

– Drone Maker Bayraktar Seen as Possible Erdoğan Successor

–  Some have begun calling him the Elon Musk of Turkey.

– Speculation is growing that he could follow in the footsteps of his father-in-law Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and rise to the top of Turkish politics.

– His address to the Turkish public after the earthquakes made it look like he was striving for responsibility.

– Bayraktar’s success has made him so popular in Turkey that no government is going to be able to ignore him and his company. His influence on Turkish politics is only likely to increase.

Is this what Ankebut Cult is?
Is this what masonry is?
Is this what satanism is?
Is this the condition the followers of the iblees are in?
Is this all the power of the alliance of above and under the ground?
Is this what happens when you take help from out of the world?

Stand up, you need to pull it together, immediately. You are so humiliated in front of the entire world.

The metaphysicists can see how bad the situation you are in, they are laughing at you.

Who would trust you and follow you in this condition? Who would invest you? Who would let their means remain at your disposal? Who would let their armed gangs at your disposal? Who would continue to commit the grave crimes by trusting you?

On the other hand, you are rapidly losing the governments, their finances, armies, publishing companies, the nations.

You were claiming that you are the rulers of this world. Now, look at yourself. Your planes can’t fly, your trains and trucks can’t drive and your ships can’t sail in your own country.

If we put all of you together, you wouldn’t even have the power of one country. It is obvious that you are without army, navy, soldier, money and you are desperate…

Soon, you will hear the news of his death…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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