There will be no such nonsense as “civil politics” in Turkiye

Turkiye is formally a member of NATO on paper, but it is not a real member of NATO in practice.

There is a shocking truth that only those who look at it in order to see that NATO’s biggest/most powerful army is not the US army anymore… The USA and its army has melted like ice and still melting. Now, the most powerful army in NATO and in the world is the Turkish army… Now, there is no army has as much  military power as the Turkish army on earth. Although, the staff of the Turkish army’s high ranking officers is full of Armenians, Jews and masons… In a very short time, our army will be cleaned up from the traitors, the pawns and the puppets. That is when Turkiye will begin to punish the countries who exploited Turkiye until today and begin to receive what it deserves.

There will be no nonsense as civil politics in Turkiye. How could a president not be the head of the army? The head of the army must always be a soldier and must act like a commander.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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