We’ll see what will happen to them.

You know, so many state’s leaders and the influential people who are not political leaders are partly responsible for putting me in prison and the enormous problems I had in that process that every stage of it was full of lawlessness.

Some of the foremost among them was Merkel, Trump and Macron…

Deapite everything, I survived from that process. I was able to get out of the prison. They were all surprised when I got out. I remained calm, I made decisions that they didn’t expect me to do. I made them dropped from the game in the ongoing process. There were Merkel and Trump among them.

I gave room for action to Trump and to others, again. I expected them to follow me and strengthen themselves in this way, again. I gave the opportunities to these people who caused me so much pain and wanted to kill me for so many times. But they didn’t follow me and it has gone on too long. And now, we are in the process of retaliation.

Trump has said, “I cannot believe what is happening in the USA, they will arrest me”. There are more to happen to him. He will be worse than the Merkel character.

Everyone should know that I will not give any room for action to Trump both inside and outside the USA. I will give him no room for action on the political, military, financial and religious fields. I will make life unbearable for those who are in the same group with Trump and those who work with him.

It would be better to acknowledge what I can do this time for those who couldn’t acknowledge that even though they’ve seen what I am capable of for all these years.

It is up to me whether I sign the death warrant of the USA or not that its trains derails, its energy plants can’t work properly, its climate has changed, its floor is collapsing, its chemical facilities doesn’t work, its computing system fails everyday, its banks and companies are collapsing, its politics is even deadlocked, even its army in very bad conditions… I am not only the boss of Turkiye and its surroundings, I am the boss of the entire world with under and above the ground. I am the only boss… Trump chose this end for himself, even though he knew that.

Asad’s time has come. Start to say goodbye to him slowly.

There is not much time left for Selman in Saudi Arabia, be cautious.

Lavrov will be decisively exposed. What I told will be revealed concretely and he will be out of the game. He has some time for now but not much.

I have extented a friendly hand toward Germany, despite everything but each time, they attempted to break that hand. Everything happened to them so far is only the trailer. You will see what will happen to this country.

The world-famous companies/the brands connected to the Ankebut Cult will be soon unable to work, will be unable to make money. They will put the companies/the brands up for sale before they collapsed.

I will buy some of them. The capital owners who continue working with me will buy some of them. Then, we will recover and modernize these companies rapidly. Everyone will make a lot of clean money in clean ways.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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