We’re going to break this game too

People like Elon Musk want to scare people intentionaly. It’s not so hard to keep the artificial intelligence under control or to make us accepted it. There will be no serious problems if the humanity is honest, if the States and the laws are strong.

The world humanity can live prosperously in peace and safety with the artificial intelligence. No one would stay unemployed.

The beneficial technology in our world will start to develop at the speed of light. Because everything will happen faster and easier with the artificial intelligence.

We will ruin this game, as well.

Very soon, I will have so much more followers than Elon Musk have. There will be no Elon Musk or Twitter left. He knows all these things and he is trying to bring a new level of atmosphere to twitter by colluding, trying to keep it alive by transforming it.

They know that they cannot cencor me or the people who follow me any more.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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