Not even worth to answering them

Israel who has become a dysfunctional country and who cannot even solve their problems declares Iran as a terrorist state. The terrorists state Israel that is unknown how many nuclear bombs they have claiming that Iran cannot have nuclear weapons.

They are being ridiculous more and more because they cannot find any crime in accordance with international law and because of they couldn’t find enough support from around the world. They even said openly “we are partners in this work”. Azerbaijan will not even deny it.

They will run to see Israel, they will even make some appearances. The Israelis gives the order and they will enter Iran. They will smuggle even babies, children, teenage girls, organs. They would plunder even the naturel gas and petrol. And then, they will send almost all the bloody and black money to Israel and England.

It doesn’t worth to reply them. Those who will enter Iran cannot get out of the country as alive. Even if it is the Azerbaijan front who enters….

That traitor Aliyev celebrated the so-called Liberation day of Greece, the traitor Mevlüt also celebrated the Liberation day of them. The tratior Turkish press and the media is also didn’t talk about it, all of them are quite.

It’s always the Masons… These masons will be hunted down like a bird on our lands. Those who are coming with mason heads in the name of humanity will be awarded. We will save countless babies, children, women and adults from the enormous problems and savagery.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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